Leon Knook Airbrush Biography
Leon Knook (1960) started airbrushing twenty years ago.
His eyes blinked when he saw the great airbrush artists demonstrating there skills on printers exhibitions those days.
The special  effects that can be achieved whit that tiny gun, gave him a feeling to do something totally different than other artists.
In a short time he became a member off the very small airbrush scene in The Netherlands. "It was fun doing airbrushing, but what I did was constantly copying subjects from others. After a few years I threw my AB in a corner. I experienced that people did not qualified airbrush as Art". He became a father of four beautiful daughters and worked as a Printer and later as a Graphic Specialist on a School for Higher Education. "A few years ago (2005), while surfing on the internet, my flight of thoughts came suddenly on airbrush. What I saw was really great. I decided to go airbrushing again, but this time in a different way, my own way! My goal in airbrushing is to make designs that catch everyone's eyes.
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