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First of all I must decide if your reference photos are suitable to make a high quality painting. If they are I accept your commission. Send me a file with your reference photo. The resolution must be as high as possible. You can use email or for larger files.

When I accept your commission you will be informed by email.
I will need a deposit of 10% of the total price and I can begin the creation process.
A deposit is not refundable. If you allow you can see me creating your painting true
my live webcam.

When the painting is ready I will show you high quality photo's or show it to you with my high quality webcam. When you agree with the results you must first pay me the rest of the remaining costs, then I will ship your painting.

All paintings are freehand airbrush painted. I make black & white or full colour paintings. Average time to complete a painting depends on the difficulty. I will not accept photo's/designs that has something to do with sex/pornography, racism or horror.